Boy (12) who broke arm travelling up escalator awarded €35k.

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Counsel for the boy told Judge John O’Connor that the defendant had initially refused to accept an Injuries Board assessment of €35,000 and the company had entered a full defence to the claim.  Counsel for the boy then went on to say that following an inspection by a forensic engineer, the store had now accepted the figure and was agreeing to the settlement assessment of €35,000.  Counsel said the boy who was seven when the injury occurred had been ahead of his mother at the time and no-one had witnessed the exact cause of the injury. As a result of the engineers’ report and two sets of discovery proceedings the claim was eventually resolved.  The boy was taken to Crumlin Children’s Hospital where his fracture had been manipulated under general anaesthetic and a plaster had been fitted which he had to wear for five weeks.  Counsel for the boy told the court that medical reports revealed the boy had made a full recovery with no suspected risk of developing arthritis. Judge O’Connor said he considered the settlement a good one and approved the offer.