Pyrite remedation

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People who own pyrite damaged houses will be able to apply for remediation funds from next week. To avail of the funds people will have to apply to the Pyrite Resolution Board so that they may have their properties assessed via the “damage verification process”. Houses built between the beginning of 1997 and the end Read More …

AIB mortgage write off

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AIB is to write off debt for distressed borrowers on certain mortgages. Some debt may be written off initially and a portion of the warehoused loan may be written off if the arrangement is adheared to. The arrangement is expected to apply to a limited number of borrowers. AIB will select which customers can avail of the procedure. I understand AIB is offering this for cooperating customers only.


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The Environment Minster has made an Order commencing the provisions of the Pyrite Resolution Act.

The Pyrite Resolution Board has also been established.

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