€27,500 for boy left scarred after cutting head at crèche 10 years ago.

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A four-year-old boy who cut his forehead when he fell off a stool in a crèche has been awarded €27,500 damages 10 years after the accident.  Circuit Court President Mr Justice Raymond Groarke heard that the boy, now aged 14, had been left with a permanent scar on his forehead.  Counsel for the boy said the boy had been attending the creche in February 17, 2009, fell off a stool and struck his head on a sharp edge of a TV unit.  The court was told that after the accident the staff at the crèche told the boy’s mother to bring him to the Hospital where his wound was closed with tissue adhesive and steristrips.  The boy was later diagnosed with an infection of the wound, which had to be washed out and cleaned under general anaesthetic by a surgical team. The barrister for the boy said he had been left with a scar on his forehead.  Judge Groarke, after inspecting the boy’s forehead, said there was a noticeable mark.  Counsel informed the court that the defendants had made a settlement offer of €27,500.  The settlement was approved by Judge Groarke.