€40,000.00 damages for young footballer after glass discovered in hand.

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€40,000.00 damages for young footballer after glass discovered in hand. A €40,000 assessment of damages for a keen young goalkeeper, who suffered “a modest reduction of movement” to his left thumb, has been approved by the Circuit Civil Court. The Barrister for the boy told the court the boy was found to still have a shard of glass in his hand after having been treated and discharged from hospital. The barrister said the boy had fallen and injured the palm of his left hand on broken glass and had been taken to the accident and emergency unit of the hospital. Counsel told Mr Justice Raymond Groarke that the staff treating the boy had ruled out the possibility of a foreign body remaining in the wound and had discharged him. Following cleaning of the laceration steri-strips had been applied and the boy had been given medication for the relief of pain. His hand had not been x-rayed. The boy continued to have complaints and returned to the hospital a fortnight later where, on assessment, it was noted the wound had not healed. He had been found to still have pain and had been unable to close his hand. An x-ray was carried out which revealed a 1.5-centimetre piece of glass still embedded in his hand. The barrister said the boy had then been required to undergo invasive surgery for the removal of the shard of glass that the hospital had earlier failed to detect on the first treatment. Counsel for the boy said the hospital had proffered a settlement of €40,000 which he was recommending to the court. Judge Groarke approved what he described as a very good offer from the defendant.