€55,000 for schoolgirl (9) who caught finger in door.

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€55,000 for schoolgirl (9) who caught finger in door. A nine-year-old girl who will not be able to grow her nail long after catching her finger in a school door has been awarded €55,000. The little girl lost the tip of her finger and it could not be replaced the court was told. The girl was initially offered compensation of €35,000 following the accident. The girl had been operating the door of a classroom when it had closed back on to her finger. She had initially been taken to Hospital before being transferred where an operation was performed on her finger by a surgeon. As a result of the crush injury, the child was sensitive to cold weather and would not permit anyone to touch the affected finger. The girl suffered discomfort and said she would not be allowed to have her nails grow long and was left with a scar on the top of her finger. Her writing had also been affected following the incident. The original offer of €35,000 was low considering the effects the injury had caused. The judge agreed and refused the offer, stating that an improved offer should be made. Later in the court, the judge approved a settlement of €55,000.