Family awarded €33,000 over denied entry to pub.

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Family awarded €33,000 over denied entry to pub.  A family has been awarded €33,000 for defamation after they were refused service at a Dublin pub.  Judge John O’Connor said there was neither room nor food at the inn because they were Travellers.  They were allegedly refused entry because they did not have a booking.  Judge O’Connor said the evidence of the bar-restaurant manager had been evasive and the court had found it disturbing that throughout his evidence he had kept referring to the Connors family as “these people.”  The judge said he found the evidence of another defence witness untruthful and although one witness – who had been an independent witness called by the defence – had been truthful, he found his evidence more helpful to the Connors’ case.  The court was told the family had turned up at the restaurant for Sunday lunch and had been refused entry allegedly because they did not have a booking.  While they were remonstrating with the manager, other families were walking in without being asked whether they had a booking or not.  Judge O’Connor awarded one party €15,000 damages and awarded €6,000 damages to the others.  The Judge said he would award Circuit Court costs in each case which is likely to add up to more than €100,000 for all parties costs including defendants costs.