Firm told to refit €8,000 ‘complete shambles’ of a kitchen.

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Firm told to refit €8,000 ‘complete shambles’ of a kitchen. A JUDGE who described an €8,000 kitchen as a “complete shambles” has told the company that carried out the fitting to replace it. He also ordered the company to pay its customer €1,750 for the trouble it had caused. The claimant told the court she had lost all faith in the kitchen company and had wanted them to remove it. She told the court that after the kitchen had been installed the sink had started to rust and an air vent had never been connected to the outside, causing her to open windows and doors when cooking. The plaintiff said she also had to use a stool to reach the top shelves in the fridge that had been fitted as it had been placed at an unsuitable height. When the fridge had initially arrived, it had been damaged and she had to wait six weeks for a replacement. The court also heard from the claimant that one of the drawers installed for storage in the kitchen had been sticking out more than the others as they had not been lined up straight. Judge Groarke said he would like to see a new kitchen installed for the lady under the supervision of an expert who had given evidence on her behalf in relation to the kitchen’s faults. He said the woman had wanted to upgrade her living conditions with hard-earned money but had been left at a complete and utter loss. Judge Groarke said he could understand why the lady had lost faith in the Kitchen company, but he would like to see her get the kitchen she signed up for under the supervision of the expert. He said the claimant had been forced to come to court and had been dealing with the whole matter for almost two years. For this reason, he awarded her general damages of €1,750 in addition to his order for the fitting of a new kitchen for her.