Four injury claims dismissed following High Court appeal.

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Gardai have been praised for their “vigilance” after four personal injury claims worth over €100,000 were dismissed following a High Court appeal.  Aviva Insurance, which acted for the defendant, welcomed the ruling of the High Court but said the cost of having to fight appeals like this is discouraging.  Aviva suspected the claims were exaggerated based on the evidence of the garda at the scene.  The four defendants each brought injury claims after the vehicle they were travelling in was rear ended.  The case was heard before Cork Circuit Court last May and all plaintiffs lodged an appeal to the High Court after their claims were dismissed.  The Garda attending the scene provided evidence that the damage shown in the photographic evidence obtained from an engineer was not consistent with his observations at the scene.  The woman who rear-ended the vehicle also said in her evidence there was only a scratch to the back of the car following the accident. Each of the plaintiffs said they sustained soft tissue injuries to the neck and back.  It was heard that none of the passengers complained of any injuries at the scene of the accident.  Justice Michael Hanna dismissed all four claims and awarded costs against the plaintiffs.