Girl (6) injured at gymnastics awarded €30k damages.

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Girl (6) who suffered ‘nasty’ laceration to her knee while practising gymnastics awarded €30k damages. The barrister for the applicant told the Circuit Court Judge that she had been working on a trampoline when the accident happened. The accident happened at a gym class where a wall mirror was cracked and broken. The girl’s mom had been advised that her daughter had been involved in an accident in which her left knee had been injured. When her mother arrived at the gym, she found the laceration bleeding profusely. It was not known if the injuries had been caused by mirror glass or by a protruding metal bolt on the trampoline. The barrister told the court she had been brought to the VHI clinic where five stitches had been inserted in the deep wound. Counsel for the defendant said they had offered a settlement of €25,000 which he considered somewhat light although he was recommending approval of it to the court. The judge was of the view the girl would have a permanent mark on her leg for the rest of her life and he considered the offer to be too low. Following a brief adjournment to facilitate talks the offer had been increased to €30,000 which the Judge approved and directed payment into court.