Girl gets €85,000 award after scalding by tea from Starbucks.

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12-year-old girl whose arm was scalded when a takeaway cup of tea she was carrying under her elbow in Starbucks on her, has settled her High Court action for €85,000.  The girl was in Starbucks when she bought a Frappuccino coffee, a tea and a large cookie. She was carrying the coffee in her left hand, the cookie in her right and the tea between her elbow and ribs when the tea spilled on her.  In her action it was claimed she should have been provided with a tray for the hot drinks, particularly as she was a child.  Starbucks contested the case and the court heard there were issues concerning whether she had been offered a tray and of contributory negligence.  Given the plea of contributory negligence, which counsel said was in the region of 20 to 25 per cent, and a prognosis the scarring to her arm was permanent, it was felt the offer was a fair and reasonable offer.