Girl who stunted finger after she caught it in school door awarded €10,000.

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A girl, who was left with a slightly stunted finger after she caught her hand in a door in her primary school, has been awarded damages of €10,000 in the District Court.  The second-class pupil, through her mother, sued her School over the injuries she suffered.  The district court heard that it arose out of an accident where the child got her little finger caught in a door.  There was a €10,000 offer; medical reports and pictures of the hand injury were furnished to Judge Michael Coghlan.  Counsel said reports stated the girl’s hand was completely fine after three months. There was slight disfigurement in that the finger appeared slightly stunted, by 20pc, in comparison to the same finger on her other hand, the court was told.  Judge Coghlan said that they were right to bring it to his attention. However, he was not satisfied it was a significant deformity and not going to cause embarrassment.  In relation to it looking different to the same finger on her other hand, he said, it was unfortunate it happened.  But it was not discernible to normal eye and, he added, “If you can find a person with identical hands you could put them in the Guinness Book of Records, no one has identical hands.”  Judge Coghlan approved the offer of €10,000 in general damages. He directed that the money was to be paid into court funds on behalf of the girl until she reaches full age.  He declined an application by her lawyer to release €500 for immediate payment because her first holy communion was coming up. He also awarded €1,422 in special damages or expenses.