Head Butt €25,000.00 award

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Counsel for the Plaintiff told the Court that the defendant turned up at the Plaintiffs house.  The Defendant continuously pressed the buzzer in the house and had waited until the Plaintiff had identified himself before viciously head-butting him in the face, knocking him unconscious.  The Plaintiff was sitting in a room at the back of the house when the buzzer rang and when he answered it the Defendant asked the Plaintiff his name before he attacked.  The Plaintiff had been taken completely by surprise in the attack and had been unable to defend himself.  The Plaintiff was bought by ambulance to hospital and treated but had been so concerned for the safety of his family had insisted in being allowed home that night despite staff having wanted to detain him for observation.  He told the Court that his face had been badly bruised, and he had suffered for a short time with back pain. He now considered himself to be in full health.  Judge Creedon, awarding the Plaintiff damages totalling €25,463, said he had suffered back and psychological injuries as a result of the attack.  The Plaintiff told the court that he also suffered from nightmares and sleep loss following the attack and had spent several thousand euro on installing cctv and security lighting at his home.