A High Court judge has strongly criticised “meaningless advice” given to couple

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Justice Paul Gilligan has strongly criticised the “meaningless advice” given to a couple who have been evicted from their family home.

In a ruling Justice Gilligan dismissed an application against the bank and said he sympathised with the family but it was clear that they had been receiving advice from a third party from an early stage in their dispute with the bank and such advice was “meaningless as a matter of law” and “totally unhelpful”. He added that he had a difficulty understanding why people seek advice from those outside the legal profession.

The applicants, who represented themselves with the assistance of a non-lawyer known as a McKenzie friend, did not appeal the Circuit Court’s decision to grant an order for possession, neither did they apply for an extension of time to bring their appeal after time to bring an appeal expired.  Had they carried out some or any of these steps, their case would have been aired before at least two courts.