Injury story ‘not credible’, says judge as he dismisses pair’s claims.

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A High Court judge has dismissed personal injury claims by two people, saying they were not credible witnesses.  The plaintiffs claimed they suffered soft tissue injuries after the car they were in was rear-ended.  Mr Justice Michael Twomey, said there was only minor damage, contradicting the claim of major damage to the car.  He upheld an earlier Limerick Circuit Court judgment in which the cases were dismissed.  The plaintiffs made the claims after their car was rear-ended and one of the plaintiffs was a back-seat passenger.  The defendant gave evidence to the court that the passenger had not been in the car when the accident happened.  She added the accident was not significant and there was no damage to her car.  Mr Justice Twomey said in his judgment that the defendant was a “convincing and credible witness”.  He dismissed the evidence of the passenger as being “not a convincing witness”.