Judge issues warning over personal injury actions as man loses petrol station slip case.

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A High Court judge has told people not to bring personal injury claims “you can’t bring home”.  Ms Justice Bronagh O’Hanlon said she wanted that message to go out as she dismissed the case of a man who claimed he slipped on a garage forecourt as he went to pay for petrol. The judge said she did not find the claimant at all convincing in relation to his claim.  Ms Justice O’Hanlon said the claimant did not have any evidence of an oil spillage as he didn’t have the clothing he was wearing on the date of the alleged accident. The judge accepted the evidence of two garage workers and said their “credibility could not be doubted”.  Ms Justice O’Hanlon also noted an MRI report suggested any difficulty with the claimant’s knee joint was an old injury, though at a medical inspection he arrived with a stick.  The claimant sued as a result of an alleged fall at its service station.  The claimant maintained he parked at the middle petrol pump and got €10 worth of fuel. He claimed he skidded on oil or diesel on the ground.  Ms Justice O’Hanlon said a number of features of the case caused concern to the court and it was hotly disputed the accident occurred at all. The judge awarded costs against the claimant but confined it to one day of the two-day hearing.