Legal teams did well to get the settlement.

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Legal teams did well to get the settlement. A partygoer who allegedly fell when he stayed at a colleague’s house after an office night out has settled his High Court action for €550,000. The claimant suffered a head injury and was left with a serious and permanent disability in the incident. He sued his colleague whose home he stayed. It was claimed in court that the claimant was intoxicated, and others thought that he was sleeping off the effects of drink when he was found at the bottom of the stairs in the hallway of the house. The homeowner claimed they were not liable for any alleged injury sustained during the hospitality shown to what was alleged a drunken fellow worker who had been offered a bed for the night. Mr Justice Kevin Cross, approving the settlement, noted it was only one-tenth of the full value of the case. It was claimed that there was a failure to call an ambulance or other medical assistance following the fall. There was also an alleged failure to note he was unconscious, bleeding from the head and seriously injured. He further claimed there was a failure to take proper care of him and that he was in an intoxicated state when he arrived at the house. It was claimed the homeowner was under pressure to leave to go to work but was reluctant to leave the claimant alone in the house. The claimant was placed in his car outside the house so that when he woke up he could drive home. The homeowner claimed that they remained genuinely concerned for the welfare of the claimant and checked with a neighbour if he had driven away. The homeowner claimed to have contacted a manager, who went to the house and the claimant was transferred to hospital. The claimant later underwent a craniotomy. Approving the settlement, Mr Justice Cross said it was a “close to hopeless case from a legal point of view”. He added that the legal teams had done well to get the settlement.