Man’s €60,000 injuries claim dismissed due to inconsistent evidence.

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Man’s €60,000 injuries claim dismissed due to inconsistent evidence. A High Court judge has dismissed a man’s claim for €60,000 damages over injuries allegedly suffered when he was a passenger in a car which ended up in a ditch on a country road. In light of the documentary evidence contradicting the plaintiffs version of events, including how the car ended up in the ditch, Mr Justice Michael Twomey was not satisfied, on the balance of probabilities, he was a credible witness “regarding anything that allegedly happened” on the night of the accident. The claimant sued the driver of the car. He also sued the Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland and Liberty Insurance DAC. The plaintiff alleged he sustained neck and rib injuries and an injury to his eye. His evidence was those cleared up in a few months and the only treatment he received was pain-killers, anti-inflammatories and eye drops. The evidence was, within two weeks of the accident, the claimant told his GP he was ok but, although he is unemployed and thus has no loss of earnings, he claimed €60,000 damages over the injuries, the judge noted. The Plaintiff maintained in evidence he was in the front seat and never accepted any responsibility for the inconsistencies in the evidence but simply blamed his solicitor or doctor for incorrectly referencing what he said or the other man for allegedly giving false statements in his personal injury summons, the judge said.