Ryanair must pay €10,000 to hurt employee

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Ryanair must pay €10,000 to hurt employee A Ryanair employee has been awarded €10,000 damages against the airline for injuries suffered at work. The Circuit Civil Court was told the employee had been filing documents into boxes and stretching to place them on high shelves, when she hurt herself in January 2016. She said she waited until June 2017 to take legal action as she had hoped her injury would clear up but instead it had continued to get worse. She also said she had restricted movement in her shoulder and struggled to brush or wash her hair or carry shopping bags. She has been diagnosed with a condition known as ‘frozen shoulder’. She told the court she had chosen not to use a footstool provided by Ryanair to assist employees reaching higher shelves, as she felt it would have been unsafe. In a reserved judgment, Judge O’Connor said it had been Ryanair’s responsibility to ensure the employee had been provided with a safe place to work. He had found it remarkable that no one from Ryanair had instructed her to use the footstool that had been there for her. Judge O’Connor added Ryanair had been negligent in failing to have carried out an adequate risk assessment with regard to the way the employee had been carrying out her work.