Schoolgirl (8) who broke leg on trampoline awarded €36,000.

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Schoolgirl (8) who broke leg on trampoline awarded €36,000. An eight-year-old schoolgirl, whose leg was broken in two places while using a trampoline at a fun centre, has been awarded €36,000 damages in the Circuit Civil Court. The girl had been struck suddenly by another child performing a backflip on the trampoline. She had been taken to Hospital where x-rays had revealed fractures to her right tibia and right fibula. The court heard she had been taken to theatre under the care of a consultant orthopaedic surgeon where she had undergone closed reductions of the fractures. An above knee plaster-of-Paris had been applied. She had been reviewed on three occasions at the hospital’s fracture clinic. The accident had occurred on March 12, 2016 and a medical report following an examination six months after the accident stated she had made an uncomplicated recovery. Judge Groarke approved of the €36,000 offer.