There has been no injury whatsoever arising from this accident.

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A farm labourer who claims to find bending painful and difficult following a car accident has lost €60,000 damages claim.  The man made the claim following a rear-ending traffic accident in 2015.  Counsel for the defendant said “There has been no injury whatsoever arising from this accident.  This is a copycat claim riding on the back of the attendance of the driver of the vehicle who went with you by prior arrangement to see a doctor.”  The claimant said he had been one of five people returning from a party when their car had been hit from behind by another vehicle.  Three days later he had attended his GP, the same GP that a number of those injured in the accident had attended.  The court heard that one claim associated with the accident had been withdrawn at the 11th hour while one had already been dealt with and others were still before the court.  The claimant said all of those claiming damages had attended the same solicitor only because the firm was local to where all of them lived.  The claimant said he was fully recovered from the main effects of the December 2015 accident but still experienced pain when bending during his work on the farm where he was employed.  Dismissing the claimants claim, Judge Linnane said the defendant highlighted gaps in the medical reports that had been handed into court and on which the claimant had based his claim for compensation for personal injuries.  Liability had already been conceded in the case and Judge Linnane was told the court only had to assess the extent of damages, if any. The judge awarded costs against the claimant.