Waitress who called in sick while pregnant ‘was unfairly sacked’.

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A waitress sacked after calling in sick while she was pregnant has been awarded €1,250 for unfair dismissal.  Her employers told an adjudication hearing of the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) she was sacked – when she was seven weeks’ pregnant – simply because she was unreliable.  The waitress told the hearing that her manager had been aware that she was expecting a baby.  A representative for her employers claimed that the director of the business had not been informed.  However, the WRC adjudication officer said that it was “unlikely” that the manager would not have discussed the pregnancy with the director. The officer found that the complaint of unfair dismissal was well founded.  However, the officer noted that the complainant had applied for three positions during almost seven months of unemployment.  Her efforts to mitigate her loss were therefore “seriously inadequate”. For this reason, compensation of €1,250 was awarded.