Woman dragged by taxi settles €60k claim.

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A 64-year-old woman, who claimed she had been dragged along by a taxi as she tried to enter it, has settled €60,000 damages claim in the circuit civil court.  Circuit court President, Mr Raymond Groarke heard the woman attempted to enter the back-right hand side of the taxi, as her son sat into the passenger seat, and her daughter and granddaughter sat in the rear seats.  As she placed one leg into the vehicle the taxi moved off causing her to fall to the ground and be dragged along with it.  She told the court she has significant mobility issues having suffered two strokes in the past and that the accident had aggravated previously existing issues with her back.  Medical records had been agreed and they outlined the womans injuries to her elbow, hip and lower back. She had also been dazed and could not recall if she had banged her head.  A CT scan revealed that she had not suffered any damages to her brain and X-rays showed she had not broken any bones.  Following the incident, she had been helped off the ground by her family and the driver. She said they all got back into the taxi and the driver took them to where they collected a new car for her daughter.  She told the defendant counsel that at the time she did not feel a need to confront the driver as she was feeling stunned. Later she and her family decided to report the incident at the Garda Station.  The driver told Judge Groarke that he had not started to drive when he heard shouts of “Mammy’s fallen; Mammy’s fallen” coming from the backseat. He said this was when he had got out to help Ms Barrett off the ground.  Judge Groarke said he had difficulty believing that the woman would make up the incident and he accepts her account of what happened.  He said having heard evidence from the Garda, who happened to be patrolling nearby and had seen the woman lying on the ground near the boot of the car, that he believed her account of having been dragged.  Having decided liability in favour of the woman Judge Groarke suggested that the parties discuss the issue of damages. Shortly afterwards Counsel told the court the matter had been amicably resolved.