Woman hit by bus at crossing gets €250,000.

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A woman who suffered a severe head injury when she was knocked down by a bus crossing at a red light for pedestrians has settled her High Court action for €250,000. The court heard, the claimant can walk now but needs full-time care. She suffered the brain injury when she was hit by a Bus Éireann bus. She was thrown in the air and landed near the back wheels of the bus. She was knocked unconscious and was in a coma for eight or nine days after the accident.  Her family, who now look after their daughter following the accident, told the court they were not happy with the amount of the settlement.  However, Mr Justice Kevin Cross explained had the case gone to trial she may have lost and she could have ended up with nothing.  Some witnesses to the accident reported seeing the woman push her way gently through those waiting to cross and stepping out on to the road.