Woman scalded while making tea awarded €56,000 by court.

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Woman scalded while making tea awarded €56,000 by court. A woman from Slovakia told the High Court in her home country tea is made in a big glass jug. The woman tried to make tea in a glass jug and was scalded when it exploded. The court accepted it was a custom in Slovakia to make tea in glass jugs and ruled the store where she purchased the jug should have labelled the jug with a warning that it was unsuitable for hot liquids. Mr Justice Kevin Cross ruled the store was negligent in selling the jug made from a non-tempered glass without a warning label. However, he ruled that the woman has lived in Ireland for several years and was partially responsible for the accident because she should have checked if the jug was safe to use. He made a finding of contributory negligence, ruling that she was 25% responsible. Mr Justice Cross said making tea in a glass jug was not an Irish custom, but it is a custom in other parts of the EU. The judge said he accepted that in Slovakia and in parts of eastern Europe it is the custom to make tea in a glass jug.